Medical Oxygen Suction Equipment

We offer Medical Oxygen Suction Equipment with complete surety on its quality. Fabricated from optimum quality material.

Special Feature :
  • Superior Quality Suction Pump for Instant Vaccum
  • Stainless steel top
  • Unique removeable filter
  • Powder coated cabinet for easy to clean and maintain
  • Heavy duty anti static castors
  • Non collapsible 10 mm tube
  • versatile for M.T.P. and other major surgical application.
  • Oil rotary noiseless pump.

Technical Specification :
Vaccum : -700 + 10mm Hg control by metal knob
Sound : 50 dB A+B almost noiseless
Suction Capacity : 35 Ltrs/min
Jars : 2x2 Ltrs Glass jars with over flow safety device
Body : M.S. spot welded
Gauge : 3" graduated in mmHg
Voltage : 220 V 50 C/S
BPC Flowmeter
  • Strong and reliable flowmeter.Ottering the latest technical improvements for a precise measuring of flow,with ± 5% accuracy.
  • Chrome plated brass body.
  • Graduated flow tube and cover made of polycarbonate and unbreakable.
  • Adjustable flow by needle valve (knob) with micrometrical regulation.
  • Back pressure compensated.Standard flow 0-15 I.PM
  • Inlet filter made of S.S. xvire net.
  • CE Certified

Fine Adjustment Valve With

  • Chrome plated brass body
  • Powder coated metal knob
  • Pressure gauge 3000 Kg/cm2 (GI brand)
  • Humidifier bottle 200 MI (Poly carbonate)
  • Flowrate calibrated in 1 Litre
  • Instalments between 1 to 15 Litre/min

Fine Adjustment Valve With

Fine Adjustment Valve With Rotametre

Chrome plated,brass body,Pressure gauge 3000 Kg/cm21GI brand) . Powder coated metal knob. The outer tube protects the graduation the inner tube in 1 Ltr installments between 1 to 15 Litre/min


Demanded By : Hospitals, Dispensaries, Nursing homes etc.